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tv   Headline News  RT  April 29, 2013 7:00am-7:29am EDT

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syria's prime minister survived an assassination attempt in central damascus as a car bomb goes off near a school and kindergarten killing ten people. prime minister of georgia says there may have been a militant camps on his country's territory amid reports that one of the boston terror suspects received training in. explosions ripped through marketplaces in predominantly shia provinces in iraq killing twenty six people the latest escalation of sectarian on the rest of gripping the country. and the russian couple wage and legal battle with u.s. social services after their five month old baby was seized disregarding police and medical evidence of a child was. there
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international news twenty four hours a day live from moscow you're watching r.t. syria's prime minister. survived an apparent assassination attempt in central damascus but the blast targeting him claimed the lives of at least ten people including a bodyguard and injured thirteen the mask a space correspondent. has more on this now. it was a bomb that was dashed. that was two days ago in that way where the convoy usually goes from his house to his office usually the convoy goes from different through every day. of. his but because the most remarkable thing that shocked everyone in damascus today is that
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that place took place near the garden. thanks god this happened where the children were inside so what only two of them were. injured none of them were killed and this means that a position now is going into another step which is going to any means in order to achieve their targets this list has its and its technique and its way it's very close to what's usually a shepherd to north which is a part of the. usually does in damascus and how they usually do that bomb being now that is big talk about the chemical weapons and they are trying to make this propaganda against the government the country is like usa lake london like other countries but. it's it's a kind of this kind of this for to sponsor what the syrian army is doing and it's shipping a big success as if all the activity of saying. well for more now we're joined live from beirut sharmeen know why you understand commentator on the middle east
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politics thanks for joining us here on r.t. today i mean if the attackers were just aiming to assassinate the prime minister what are they staged this near to a school. i think it were gardasil what the syrian government or other observers are saying it's a little bit too early to tell exactly what the intent was here understand from various reporting we're hearing that the route that the prime minister took was not a usual one for him unless there was inside information that you know from within his core group of entourage that there this was a new route he was a week and there's no way to actually tell that this was aimed for the prime minister in terms of being in a school this is certainly not the first time we've seen schools being used or bombs going off near schools in syria i think you know or mosques or other places where civilians gather this has been a tactic we've seen not just in terms of putting explosives but also. to hide
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weapons to store weapons we've seen a lot of instances where rebels have taken schools in cities and towns and villages and mosques so you know people been crossing the lines on this for a very long time in syria and opposition sources are saying that the government may have faked this and this attack or is this blame game that's going on making almost impossible to establish the truth. the truth. was an early casualty in syria unfortunately i think it's kind of disingenious for for people to step in without knowledge and say that the government is planning our creations like this we've been watching operations like this unfold for i think sort of towards the end no sense since two thousand and eleven actually and you know it's ironic that it happened today because we also have three bombings that have gone
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off in iraq killing one thousand people and i came across a quote by a.p. saying that corking bombing civilian areas in iraq are favorite strategy used by al qaida in iraq so you know we know a lot of pride is operating in syria too and they have no they have no hesitation in targeting civilian areas so why we would sort of have two standards for this i am not sure it's altogether conceivable that you will have these kind of bombings targeting civilian areas more and more especially because of the gains we're hearing about by the syrian army into rebel controlled territory the more gains the syrian army makes the more likely it is for rebels and insurgents to use unconventional warfare tactics or guerrilla warfare tactics targeting civilian areas and infrastructure a public place that and to some extent do you think all of this is being overshadowed by the geishas of syrian chemical weapons. well i think i think this
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this assassination attempt or whatever it was that happened today is going to just be within the news reader i think the big story in development still is the chemical weapons story there were some major allegations made a few days ago by the united states on the use of chemical weapons in syria and made headlines around the world the story is not going to go away it's there for a reason part of the scene setting perhaps for an intervention part of it i suspect is. inadvertent way to threaten iran so so no that story's not going to go away any time ok with me no one there may be stereotypical out of this thank you for joining us from beirut today. well today's edition of our cross talk show is also focused on the syrian civil war so we're more put on the conflict next hour. jordan prime minister
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claims there are countries that previous government may have been involved in training extremist militant groups media reports suggest that the key terror suspect in the boston bombings visited such a camp in georgia. has the details now. it's been nearly two weeks since the names of the main suspects behind the boston marathon bombings were released and as the hysteria that surrounds this case really fades away there seems to be more questions than answers at the moment and really one of the risks and question that was raised was raised by the prime minister even if she read it to me really whether the prevails juergen government actually was involved in recruiting and training a group off a chain chance with the aim of infiltrating them into the russian federation as.
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it is possible that terrorists had been trained in georgia but the investigation is under way let's wait for its results we'll get a lot of new information maybe even some shocking findings there are suspicions that the third is work with terrorists and militants if this information is confirmed this will be shocking some say that the investigation will hurt the country's image but the countries the image will only be hurt if somebody else conducts the investigation. there are unconfirmed reports during his visit to dagestan last year the brother of. a visit to the georgian capital tbilisi and the transit these meetings and again very little information is coming from the investigators now that actually leads to a lot of speculations and of course to doubts that now spread to the internet there are a number of different social groups on the different social networks including. twitter
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instagram and if russian social networks contact you and where people are divided and those who believe that the brothers were actually behind this terrorist attacks and the ones who believe that there are innocents and that they were simply set up now there are over six thousand people in one group that supports the brothers with the hashtags in twitter like joe hart is innocent and free. again that the information that is coming from the investigators is really confusing while the younger brother joe hart admitted his guilt and he said that he and his brother wore behind these attacks his parents continue to deny the involvement of their sons behind this tragedy and they say that they were simply set up moreover a reporter of russian security forces recorded a telephone conversation between the mother of the two brothers and one of the brothers and their they mentioned jihad however yesterday on sunday we managed to
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speak to the father of the two brothers and he denied that information saying that that is impossible that couldn't take place. this is stupid. and they misheard it is gee i know they can say we won't be surprised if they now say we planted a nuclear bomb somewhere it's just stupid to think we were talking about jihad indeed as the investigation develops so far there seems to be more questions than answers. one of the longest standing territorial disputes in asia could be close to resolution leaders are rushing to meet for the first time in this thing to agree on a new save peace treaty to formally end war. that's ahead. five car bombs have killed at least twenty six people in central and southern iraq according to local medics and police explosions struck a crowded market places in mainly shia provinces of the country iraq is
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experiencing its most severe spate of sectarian conflict since the us occupation tensions have been heating up since a deadly military raid on a sunni protest camp last week which led to more than one hundred seventy deaths. engines and from the aid organization s.o.s. iraq says there are deep social problems fueling the unrest after ten years of occupation because we consider distil an occupation there is still no basic services people are randomly arrested they are locked up without charges they are your children women children of men are being raped that's why the protests started by the way and so this talk about darian is this is totally wrong and these are not sectarian protests these are protests against a situation that is untenable for the iraqi people. poverty there is
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unemployment there is no health care there is. dedicated system has collapsed the media has been very weak until now in covering these protests have we seen images on television about the millions who were in the streets in the phone. most will know we haven't because this acute forces didn't want them to go to these places. iraq's prime minister has launched talks with the leader of the country's kurdish minority hoping to bridge the interethnic divide the kurds are also hoping to overcome their differences with the government in neighboring turkey however as a roofer national reports now distrust on both sides in the goshi ations could collapse at any moment. three of these men sons are in the ranks of the p.k. k. bigger real a movement fighting turkey's military for the rights of kurds in almost thirty years of armed struggle thousands on both sides have died google owns youngest son
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among them his angry that his boys are considered terrorists in the country where he lives and. no one would go into the mountains without a reason no one would voluntarily sacrifice a warm and comfortable life for a disturbing existence on the run in a harsh memes in this environment turkey treats the kurds with no respect we had to stand out a milestone agreement between the turkish government and the p.k. k. includes a cease fire fighters would have to lay down arms and give up their struggle but that want to necessarily mean families are reunited they can do mountains in iraqi kurdistan away pick a fight as a basis for a great natural fortress and it's totally in the girl's hands no one can say exactly where in these mountains the fighters are hiding know how many they are and it is to these safe haven that those of them now fighting in turkey will most likely withdraw too if the peace process lives up to expectations turkey's prime minister who has been personally negotiating with jailed kurdish leader or john
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says it would be sabotage if those retreating take their weapons with them but one former p.k. insurgent and current kurdish national congress member believes this is exactly what will happen. always called for a kurd fighters they have more weapons and they'll never give them up easily or ever leave them on turkish territory. the reason is not only get real principles and member of the only pro kurdish party in the turkish parliament told me that while every side types for the best they are preparing for the worst from the other side actually there is no food trust from cody site through government. because we have very bad experiences since establishments public up to now a message from rights violations the denial and a major say that many other bad things have happened well the ruling a k party which is the driving force of talks with p.k. k.
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and or john wants everyone to show just a little more optimistic an issue which has been the result of losing over thirty thousand lives in this country will come to it and i think that is more important than how it is handled who it is who is who is going to brief i think those many do actually share some help although perhaps even more worry that in these details lies the dad will refrain from turkey. coming out of greece right saw fifteen thousand state jobs to meet the terms of a crucial bailout for france turns its eye on germany or the chancellor merkel's drive for a long while starting a softer short break. well with. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia
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we've got the future covered.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. welcome back. a russian a couple living in california have been caught up in a legal battle to regain custody of their child five month old son who was seized by child protection services in a bizarre chain of events began with a routine visit to hospital the cattle. call that became alarmed when doctors said they planned to perform urgent heart surgery on the child named sammy i took him home and later received a visit from police along with social workers to force the parents to hand him over the official reason given for that was parental neglect has not emerged that child protection staff may have disregarded strong evidence that the child was well cared for my colleague sean thomas managed to catch up with the parents. we been shocked when they walked in the door and just they all of them and saying it's just let us
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see your son if he's ok and i said i'm holding him in my arms he is so ok you can take a look and they're saying give me your child and that's when they took away no paper not so ever they've been providing and they just walked out of the door was any reason given behind the nine eleven call from the hospital after you took your own child to another hospital for a second opinion i mean have they given you any reason whatsoever. they say to send them urgency that he's almost dying then needs medical treatment and that he needs that needs to get back to the hospital immediately. or do you believe this. we know he was fine he was laughing he was eating he was a normal child normal baby to go home and he was released from there from the other hospital that we took him to the doctor released to be. a statement said the parents are basically good to go home with their baby in the b.b.c.
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from their arms. very interesting now taking a step back facebook and social networks they are a way for you to get support and you said facebook shut down the page that you set up to get support for your case did they give you any reason why they closed down this page no i think it has everything to do with the government we got a lot of support we got a lot of prayers a lot of people who were there you know just praying for us and all all sought in the first facebook page a blog called facebook basically my sister in law called facebook no answer every question as she was asking them there was no answer coming back we open a second facebook page for support same thing happened again your child hasn't been a lot of home in four days what's going through your minds it kills me i don't have my baby of me at nighttime i just visiting him like been visiting him three times today for an hour and you're leaving at seven o'clock of again the hard going home
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you babies not the few you're just feeling empty there's missing something in you and we're just waiting for tomorrow stay just to you know like coming in this court hearing good news taking your baby going home or going to a different hospital. well the parents are being permitted to visit the child for an hour at a time but on the stringent conditions the couple and sami will now have to wait until a court hearing on monday to find out when they'll be allowed to reunite. fifteen thousand civil service jobs have been legislated away by the greek parliament and a late night vote layoffs are set to begin immediately together with an extension on taxes it's all part of an effort to push through e.u. and i.m.f. mandated austerity in return for a bailout cash testers made their feelings clear outside parliament as lawmakers gathered for the vote and while drastic cuts take hold throughout the eurozone
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germany is feeling about and socialists have alleged that chancellor merkel spending cuts are leaving europe to ruin a leaked document from france on arms ruling party q. says germany of selfishly also implies quite a stereotype a practice that is now emptying cities across greece not eastern but reports. the young and the sea theodorus is in his forty's but while he used to make his living at a newspaper in greece is second city it's only clear he's now returned to his roots on the northern coast this is theodorus is fresh fish shop it took it over when his uncle retired two years ago and now theodorus is making a go of it himself far away from the big city. his decision is part of the trend greeks unable to make ends meet in the cities looking to areas with smaller economies and costs but. the company i work for cut our salaries so i decided to come here to find a better life for my children and me it cost us also gave up
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a life happens to a guest house in the hills of northern greece the life of a city advertising manager was good he said but people should think before writing off the world outside. thing that there you go there are many opportunities for you to make your life better in a small town rather than in afghans. and a potential reverse brain drain from cities back to the regions could hold hidden benefits being educated and hip with the experience of cuban working in the areas and all the experience of the bunny gives living in this city lives i mean these these people be. killed i mean to do the country not that everyone relishes the prospect demetrius moved away when he was eighteen and is now a freshly out of work t.v. director he finds adjusting to life back here difficult he wanted to stay in the
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capital. i was forced to come back here because of the high rates of unemployment in athens it was a matter of survival for me for these three greeks asked for increasing multitudes of others this move choice or not is a path away from unsustainable living in cities hit by economic crisis here at least if they have little else new arrivals or old home commerce of the scenery of the sea tom bottom r.t. . and we have plenty more stories online including the us the bob the homeland security breach it's tougher than the army its personnel reportedly use a thousand more bullets. but scientists aim to create a new breed of wholeness cow training this will make the world safer and more. east asia has no shortage of bitter territorial disputes but today russia and japan are looking for ways to resolve at least one of the leaders of both powers are
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meeting in moscow with contested darden's big business and energy deals on the agenda what is going off is following the visit relationship between russia and japan really can't be called easy and one of the biggest stumbling blocks is the territorial dispute which has been actually keeping the two countries from signing the second world war peace treaty the dispute around the coral islands and prime minister. is known for its hardline approach on this matter but analysts say the fact the japanese pm is in moscow for the first time in ten years is already quite a positive signal was russia isn't the only country with which band has territorial unresolved problems it's also career in china where the dispute has almost reached the stage of full scale military confrontation and analysts say that throughout these decades the japanese general public has grown really tired of these problems and does want to see them finally resolved now the importance of business ties
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between moscow and talk you know really can't be underestimated and the japanese prime minister has brought a major delegation out of at least sixty heads of large japanese companies along with him to russia and they're also talks about establishing a possible japanese investment fund which could reach one billion u.s. dollars. some international news in brief this hour a powerful blast has partially destroyed a building in prague and injured some fifty five people who say the explosion in the final one hundred were caused by a gas leak and people are still believed to be trapped under the rubble our fighters have they managed to put out the brains. of two hundred militants surrounded the foreign ministry in libya's capital tripoli on sunday logging that senior post interview with minister given to members of the former regime the colonel gadhafi more than twenty pickup trucks were parked outside carrying anti aircraft guns on factions also tried unsuccessfully to storm the interior ministry
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in the state news agency. come next week sports headlines ok patrick stay with. yes. download the official publication
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yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch artsy any time anyway. hello welcome to the r t sports show with make a partridge twenty six minutes of action words and deeds from the biggest sporting names in russia and around the world and here's just a little of what's to come. tonight at the top holders in a narrow the gap to three points off the leaders to lose it rubin with four games
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to go in the russian premier league. while the rematch defending champions limpy are causing battle back from the brink to reach the euro league last fall and once again face last year's beaten finalist face. and head of the board china claim seven goals ahead of host russia dominates the must go stage of the world diving series. but let's get the ball rolling with russian football and defending champions the need to have cut the gap to tesco to just three points after the league leaders were beaten at rubin with four games to go in the premier league season because of him but out of reports. twice former champions will be in when fifty five to two second have girls saw them stances got to kneel and got the army man's lead at the top of the table to just three point four cents on the on
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the open for the home side soon after the break and the money around one could double the score weight on because and side are now unbeaten seven while to have taken just two borns from a possible mind. the defending champions in need to inch closer to that is despite being held to a two all draw it could one provided for going to the engines around of to put the visitors in front of the six minutes however the new nicolo equalized with a long range. for it and they didn't bump off score that the second the down to half an hour but then you sent them all home to make it to all in the second half to dent good ones here only copes with the seventh droid innately games thanks i spartak stay fourth but cut the gap to third placed on g. to.


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